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Legal Briefs and Comments

Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund supports traditional American values across a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from limited constitutional government in our federalist system of state and federal sovereigns to religious, moral, and personal issues, and many things in between. These filings fall into several broad categories, including Immigration; Education; Right to Life; Marriage & Family; Feminism; Religious Freedom; Freedom of Speech; Federalism; Limited Government; and Voting & Elections.

To serve those ends, Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund files strategic litigation occasionally and more regularly files amicus curiae briefs (also known as "friend of the court" briefs) in important litigation in state and federal courts, as well comments to federal and state agencies. These filings are housed on this website, broken down by topic. Although most briefs fall into a single topic, some fall into more than one topic. For example, supporting a state's right to terminate Planned Parenthood's funding under Medicaid would involve not only the right to life in opposing the abortion industry but also federalism in challenging the federal government's ability to attach inappropriate or unannounced strings to federal funding.

What are amicus briefs, and how do they help?

Amicus briefs supplement the parties’ briefing in litigation. Typically filed in appellate courts, an amicus brief can nudge a court in the right direction or help convince a court that it lacks jurisdiction even to decide an issue. But even losses can be worthwhile if the court chooses a less-bad way to decide the case.